Darts Competition 4th June

Saturday 4th June was the Darts Competition organised by the new steward Gavin Austin. His original plan was to attract 32 players from the local darts leagues, the keen ones who were missing their darts matches and couldn’t wait until the Autumn and the start of the next season. The competition would produce one final winner for a first prize of £70. The entry fee was £5. A superb buffet supper designed to help keep up the strength of the players was provided by Debbie, Gavin’s partner.


On the night, the event managed to attract 15 competitors which was less than hoped for but the evening went with a swing. There was plenty of competiive spirit and plenty of good laughs too. The final winner was Adrian (Ady) Siddle who was more than pleased to win against some serious opposition and the smile on his face proved the prize had gone to a good home.


At the end of the evening the players congratulated Gavin for a very enjoyable event and there were demands that he run more like that in the future which was very encouraging.

Gavin has in mind a similar tourney for the dominoes players but that is still in the planning stage. Keep your eyes on this blog for news of upcoming events.



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