Secret Garden

Behind the Community Centre building is a lovely Community Garden.  A great place to enjoy a beer and sit and keep your eye on the kids, there’s plenty of space for them to run around. Or you can relax in comfort and enjoy a BBQ on a Summer’s evening.


Here it is pictured a few weeks ago after a long and dismal winter with the shrubs around the border looking as though they need some attention and the furniture in need of some tender loving care. Well, we had some action.

Yesterday (3rd July 2016)  a work party of volunteers gave time to attend to the luxuriously growing plants and shrubs. We might have had more volunteers but Edward’s very popular Farm  Walk and Guided Nature Tour was scheduled for the same time slot.

A good deal of cutting back and weeding was required. The team met up at 10.00am and set about their task with enthusiasm, vigour and good equipment. Team leader as Chairman of the Management committee was Neil. Representatives of that committee and the  Social Club committee were present. Here they all are enjoying an elevenses coffee kindly provided by the Steward, Gavin.


Here’s Geoff wielding his trusty trimmer to good effect just outside the back door. It is just amazing how quickly the stuff grows and gets out of hand.


Here, Neil and Andrew  are tackling some serious jungle at the back of the garden. This let some daylight in after it was chopped back.


Patsy attacked the roses with her favourite secateurs.


Justine exercises her special skills sorting out the unruly shrubs. As you can easily see from this picture, the next working party will be devoting some attention to the garden furniture.


Dawn gets down to clearing little weeds in the shrubs outside the back door.


All in all, a couple of hours well spent in a good cause  and our heartfelt thanks go out to our industrious friends for making the Beer Garden look so attractive especially with the Summer ahead of us and the prospect of some time to be spent enjoying a beer, good company and the fruits of this worthwhile exercise.

We will be looking for volunteers to work on the furniture. Contact Neilo if you would like to help.


Events Coming Up Soon


Dominoes Tournament – Saturday 9th July 7.30pm 16 tickets available

First Prize £40    Second Prize £15

£5.00 entry fee includes Sausage or burger and chips (£3 non players)

Tickets from the Steward (Gavin) 07867 615947


Summer BBQ – Saturday 23rd July 7.00 for 7.30pm

Beefburger or sausage, Baked potato and salad. Vegetarian option available £7.50

Please book in adavance with the Steward (Gavin) 07867 615947

Come and enjoy your BBQ up in the secret garden.








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