Tiago’s BBQ 23rd July

Saturday 23rd July was the night of the long awaited Summer BBQ to be cooked by talented chef Tiago. People assembled about 7.00pm  and some went and sat up in the garden with a beer while others chose to find a table in the community room. Maybe they had some inside information – we’ll never know.

Tiago and Guen were all prepared athe the cooking site round the back of the club as you can see from this picture.


Those who had chosen the garden were just getting comfortable when the first drops of water were detected. Up to this point it had been an idyllic sunny summer day BUT creeping up on us all, from the south, came this BBQ.

Yes! you guessed it –  a Big Black Qloud. Here it is leering down on our event.

Blackcloud.jpgThe hardy souls up the garden sat it out. It never really rained properly, just teased and tantalised us with enough big drops to make it look threatening but then it just drifted  away up north having had a laugh.

Tiago’s meal was great. There was a delicious burger, hand made to Tiago’s own recipe and a lovely big plump and juicy sausage. On the side was corn on the cob, lettuce and slaw with a baked potato and loads of butter. That was followed by Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce and Ice Cream. The weather couldn’t spoil that lot.

Finally everyone gave in and retired to the comfort indoors.

It was a pity that more people didn’t come for the BBQ. We had catered for between 20 and 30 servings but in the end only about 15 came. That was despite the assurances of all those on Friday night who said they were going to come. Maybe we have some lessons to learn from that.

Coming events

A Social Club Fete is in the proces of being organised for 28th August. Call in at the club for information.


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